Various Types of Cactus House Plants

Cactus house plants are available in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes, and sizes. The two type's originate from the desert (most popular) or the forest and differ in appearance and the natural habitat they thrive in, which reflects on the care needed for each of them.

Rats Tail

Rat's Tail

Botanical name: Aporocactus Flagelliformis.
Origin: Mexico.
Care: Easy.
Size: Stems few feet long.

The rat's tail type is a good option for those that like to display hanging plants. At first glance it looks like a dread-lock type of hair style with flowers or a kind of Medusa look, because the stems grow outwards and hang over the pot. This blooms plenty of deep pink or red tubular shaped flowers along the stems. Read More »

Peruvian Apple Cactus

Peruvian Apple

Botanical name: Cereus Peruvianus.
Origin: South America.
Care: Easy.
Size: 3ft tall or more indoors.

The Cereus peruvianus is also known as the columnar cactus because the stem's grow upright, similar to a column. The image to the left shows them growing with a single stem; however, they can grow many. There is some confusion in reference to the scientific and common names for this cacti. Read More »

Bunny ear cactus in a pot

Bunny Ears

Botanical name: Opuntia Microdasys.
Origin: Mexico.
Care: Easy.
Size: Height 12 - 18in (30.5 - 45.5cm).

We can see the obvious reason an Opuntia microdasys gets it's common name of bunny ears (the pads that grow in the shape of rabbits or mouse ears). These grow an oval pad type stem that has polka dot looking glochids (hair spines) covering them, evenly. A grower has to be careful not to remove the glochids by accident. Read More »

Christmas cactus picture

Christmas (Thanksgiving)

Botanical name: Schlumbergera Bridgesii.
Origin: Brazil.
Care: Moderate.
Size: Height 10in (25cm).

The Christmas cacti plant is the most popular of the forest type and has similarities with the Easter cactus. The main difference between these two is the period when the flowers bloom. This blooms between November - January and the Easter species displays it's flowers in April or May. Read More »

Easter cacti

Easter Cactus

Botanical name: Hatiora Gaertneri.
Origin: Brazil.
Care: Moderate.
Size: Height 25 in (63 cm).

The Easter cacti is classed as a forest type cactus which has stems and leaves that grow arched over (similar to the Christmas plant), although the leaves are different when comparing both of these. The bell shaped flowers bloom in a bright red or pink within spring and look lush (especially the reds). Read More »

Orchid cacti


Botanical name: Disocactus Ackermannii.
Origin: South Mexico.
Care: Moderate.
Size: Width 4ft (if not pruned).

Orchid's are very popular cacti plant's that bloom and display beautiful flowers - with many petals, up to 4 -7 inches wide. There are a fair few of these named the orchid cacti that are not the Disocactus ackermannii, which are hybrids such as the Disocactus × hybridus or Epiphyllum hybrid, however, they all are using the common name of orchid. Read More »

Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus

Botanical name: Echinocactus Grusonii.
Origin: Mexico.
Care: Easy.
Size: Height 60in (24cm).

This cactus is more suitable for growing in rockery settings within a garden, or in a patio or desert style landscapes. They do flower, although it seems to be quite hard to get them to bloom. This globular shaped cacti is available with spines and spineless. The stem is ribbed. Read more »

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