"Latest Closes 30th Nov 2016"

Do you have some interesting pictures of plants or experiences and knowledge you would like to share? Send them here to be included in the current competitions being held to win a prize.

Current Prizes

This competition is giving cash prizes to the best 3 submissions that meet the guidelines.

Prize amount: 3 x $16 USD or the equivalent for your country (based on the days currency conversion rate) -- Check current rates here . Approx amounts: UK (£10) - CAD($17) - EURO(11.60) - AUD (17) "you may check for yours".

Money will be paid into a valid paypal account during the first week of the month after the competition ends. If you have paypal account from any country you can claim a prize.


You can send any pictures, information and experiences for any indoors plants of your choice. To increase your chances of picking up one of the give-away prizes, do provide as much information as possible and pictures.

You can enter as many of the contests as long as what your submitting is unique compared to previous ones.

Submissions without enough content will not be entered into the competition, although it can be used on this website to add value to existing pages that visitors here appreciate.

Ideas For Submissions

  • Send an experience of propagating plants.
  • Re-potting a plant.
  • An experience of recovering a plant from becoming unhealthy.
  • The appearance of a beautiful looking species (close up pics of foliage and flowers is a good idea).
  • A plant you've found in the wild which grows well indoors.
  • Pictures of your greenhouse or conservatory plant displays.
  • Pictures of a plant that rarely blooms indoors.


Results will be published in the newsletter (you'll be automatically subscribed as a member and can unsubscribe at any point) and on the facebook page (subscribe to FB page here).

Important: Your submission information (picture, text written and name) can be added to any of the web pages to show off your plant information and experiences. No contact details of any sort are given out to third parties or placed on this site.

Latest submissions to be sent the 30th Nov 2016!

Good Luck!

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