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Welcome....to Houseplantsexpert, my name is Jason - the web-master (owner) and editor of this site.

The site

The main purpose of this site is to provide visitors with accurate and informative advice about indoor plants...and as many as possible. What I am trying not to do is become an encyclopedia of information that the average joe-public may not understand or even need to understand.

Most of the information provided here should be easy enough to follow and suitable for all indoor growers regardless of skill and knowledge levels.

Although, I am the main contributor and editor here, this is a place that I hope others can help create a community of growers "helping and contributing" to each others house plant growing success.

A big thanks to those who already contribute!

The facebook page for this site (here) is a useful place to keep up to date with what's new going on at HPE- and to join or read discussions.

About Jason

Yippee.....I get to write about ME (my favorite subject).

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My journey into the website creation world began in 2009 and has now become my full time self-employed job. I have several websites that I treasure.

Why House Plants?

House plants are something I became very interested in about 14 years ago. Someone once gave me some advice about relationships (first take care of a plant - then when you can, take care of a pet - then when you can - take care of a relationship). It kind of makes sense really, because if it's too hard to care for a plant, how the heck could a person care for another? OK, my philosophical ideas over!

I found, and still do find growing indoor plants fascinating and enjoyable (more so, after growing and studying them - all self taught). I also found I had a knack for helping them thrive and grow well. The experience I have and the enjoyment of growing indoors is what inspired me to create this site.

My favorite plants are dracaenas, ficus trees and mainly foliage types, although I do love the orchid. Maybe one day I will delve into the world of bonsai (I have one, the ulmus parvifolia), but they need time I just dont have.

Update 2017: I have been spending a lot of time travelling to Thailand and staying in Bangkok while visiting and working on another project. This has been fascinating in terms of discovering more about tropical plants including the Moth orchid and other Phals that are native to Thailand among other Asian countries. There is an idea growing to include articles about plants native to Thailand or another website, it just needs much more thought and planning (watch this space).

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact me here. using the simple form.

Happy growing :)

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