Living Stones

Selection of Living Stones Plants

Living stones are also known as Mesembs, stone plants or pebble plants that are from the Aizoaceae plant family.

Specialist succulent growers and hobbyists have great interest in growing these 'not quite so easy to grow'. They're a very interesting family of plants with their distinct stone and pebble like appearance.

Argyroderma testiculare

Argyroderma testiculare with purple flower

Popular within the Argyroderma genus is the A. testiculare that can display a bright pink or purple flower with a yellow center. The paired light green leaves look slightly egg shaped with a split in the middle, which is where the colorful flower blooms.

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Lithops fulleri

 Lithops fulleri

From the living stones group Lithops are the most popular. Lithops fulleri leaves are conjunct lobes that are gray-green in color and divided, slightly. A daisy like flower blooms during summer from the middle section that's split.

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Lithops optica 'Rubra'

 Lithops optica

Another species from the Lithops genera is the Lithops optica 'Rubra. The club shaped paired leaves are pink in color with a purple hue and similar to the L. fulleri it blooms a daisy like flower from the center of the leaves.

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Lithops pseudotruncatella

 Lithops optica

I found the Lithops pseudotruncatella has a kind of common name of truncate living stone. They are all basically named living stones or pebble plants. This species has a great stone like camouflage appearance.

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Conophytum ficiforme

Conophytum ficiforme picture

Conophytum ficiforme from the popular cone plants genus of living stones received the Latin name of ficiforme, meaning fig shaped and cone plants is Latin for Conophytum. Another summer dormancy species.

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