Bulbs For Indoors

Selection of Bulb Type House Plants

This selection of bulb type plants have been chose for those wishing to grow bulbous plants indoors. While many are very difficult to grow indoors this collection narrows down some fairly easy types for growers.

Picture of an Amaryllis

Amaryllis - Hippeastrum

The amaryllis (common name) is part of the hippeastrum genus of bulbous plants which grow well indoors without too much hassle. This plant will bloom trumpet like flowers during winter which stand tall on hollow stalks. There are many very attractive flower types which includes red, orange, pink, and striped or shaded.

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Spider lily flower

Beach Spider Lily - Hymenocallis Littoralis

Growing the beach spider lily indoors successfully is fairly easy to achieve when a grower follows a few important care instructions. These one of a kind flowers will look like spiders crawling across your flower's shelving unit all summer long, and provide your home with a sweet vanilla scent.

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Belladonna Lily

Belladonna Lily - Amaryllis

This plant is sometimes confused with the above Hippeastrum because the genus name is the same as the above plants common name - used. Both of these bulbous plants have similarities, which includes flower stalks appearing and trumpet shaped flowers. However, these are not quite as popular or as easy.

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Lilac flowered busy lizzie picture

Busy Lizzie - Impatiens Walleriana

Busy lizzies are plants that can be found growing brightly in parks and other attractive gardens. These delightful flowering plants brighten up patios or conservatories and have become one of the most popular bedding and hanging basket plants. To flower indoors a grower needs to provide the plant with enough light, which they thrive on.

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White flower bract

Calla Lily - Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Although an outdoor plant by nature, the Calla Lily will perform wonderfully as an indoor plant. These lilies require no encouragement to bloom. So long as the moisture and light conditions are within tolerance levels of the plant, the blooms will occur without any special attention.

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Caladium heart of jesus plant

Heart Of Jesus - Caladium Bicolor

The caladium is a genus of plants that grow from a tuber during spring until fall. The foliage then dies off until the next growing season. This plant displays the most attractive leaves from this collection of bulb house plants and many other indoor plants. Many varieties display pink, white or red leaves with green outer edges and veins.

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False shamrock

False Shamrock Plant - Oxalis Triangularis

The false shamrock is also known as the purple shamrock, which displays triangular clover type leaves. This bulbous species produces plenty of small trumpet like flowers between spring and summer. An interesting reaction to light "called photonastic response" means leaves open up more during the day than at night.

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