Turning Your Phone into Digital Gardening and Plant Expert

For those that have little to no experience in gardening, building your own garden at home can be a daunting task. There’s always something new to learn about plants, even for those that have been gardening for years, whether it’s about maintenance or a certain species.

The practice can be complex, and may require you to do extensive research before getting your garden started, although rather than hitting the books or spending countless hours browsing through gardening guides online, try looking at your phone first and see what apps about gardening are available in the app store.

A smartphone is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when we have concerns about a flower or weed infestation, but now that there is literally an app for anything, gardening enthusiasts and agriculturalists alike are willingly adopting mobile technology into their hobby or business practice. As an infographic about gardening and mobile devices indicates, gardening has become so appified that in the future, gardens may be able to cultivate themselves. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

The increase in apps in this category has allowed many of us to harness our green thumbs in new ways unimaginable in the past, expanding our expertise in the subject and creating the most beautiful and sustainable green spaces. There’s quite a selection in gardening apps, from plant care to garden-themed games, but today we’ll be sharing the best apps to keep your flowers blooming, your herbs fresh, and your plants as green as they can be.

Here are the top picks that are all free to download

Garden Compass

Do you have an unknown species growing in your garden? Ask the experts! Garden Compass is an intuitive app that answers all your questions by connecting you to their network of more than 50 horticulturalists around the world who will respond to your concerns in real time. These requests are localized to ensure that the expert you are in contact with is knows your area. Another amazing feature is the ‘My Garden’ care calendar, which lets you build your garden within the app so that you can receive recommendations for improvement, as well as planting and fertilizing reminders.

Garden Compass Example

Garden Compass Example


A fun and visually appealing way to keep track of all your plants’ progress, Life is like a gardening journal that compiles a list of all your plants and records important events, like a flower blooming or a plant sprouting, with snapshots to accompany them. You can also input activities such as fertilizing and watering. In addition, local weather updates are included in the app to keep you informed on how you should be adapting your garden.

Life Example

Life Example Picture

Want to see how other people are maintaining their garden? The social network known as MyGarden is available on mobile devices so that you can befriend hobbyists like yourself, follow gardeners, and share pictures with your online community. Other than the social aspect of the app, you can update your garden status and keep track of ongoing tasks.

My Garden Example

My Garden Example Image

Have you downloaded any gardening apps recently? Which ones do you like to use?

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