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Browse this selection of some of the most popular indoor plants from the Dracaena genus. Complete descriptions and caring advice for each species is provided.

Corn Plant - Dracaena Fragrans

Dracaena Fragrans

Like many dracaena house plants the corn plant is easy to care for and maintain. It tolerates low lighting conditions well and has fairly low watering needs. It's an outstanding ornamental plant that looks great in many settings including offices, large living rooms, or hall ways. There are a few varieties which display different leaf color variations.

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Lucky Bamboo Plant - Dracaena Braunii

Dracaena Braunii

The lucky bamboo is an extremely popular plant and looks very different to many other dracaena's. This plant can be grown in soil or water, but seems to be grown in water mostly, although they survive longer in soil. Like other dracaena's the lucky bamboo flowers within it's natural habitat but it's very unlikely to bloom indoors.

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Dragon Tree - Dracaena Marginata

Madagascar Dragon Tree

The Marginata is an all time favorite of mine and deserves an award for it's ability to withstand neglect - not that anyone should neglect it. It's a slow grower but once it reaches over 2 ft in height (which can take over 3 years) - it can spruce up the look and feel of any room or office. There are also a few varieties of this plant with different leaf variations.

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Song Of India - Dracaena Reflexa

Dracaena Reflexa Picture

The Reflexa has many similarities with the Marginata, although its leaves are much wider. The most popular cultivar of this species has shiny green leaves with yellow outer edges. The song of India plant grows up to approximatively 3ft tall and is a slow grower. This plant can flower - but these flowers are not significant in size or looks.

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