Large Plant Types

Large House Plants

Large house plants selected for those that require plants that grow taller than most or simply have larger and attractive leaves to improve a rooms d├ęcor.

Kentia Palm

kentia palm plant at garden store

Howea forsteriana

Palms are a good choice because of their height. The kentia is very popular and is available to purchase from many garden stores. The arching fronds can grow up to 1ft in length and it's possible for the plant to grow over 10ft tall. They are an easy plant to care for and maintain.

Kentia Palm

Heartleaf Philodendron

Philodendrons scandens picture

Philodendron scandens

The heartleaf philodendron is a popular climber type plant grown indoors. To enable these to become large house plants you'll need to grow them on a 'moss stick' which will encourage it to climb over 5ft tall. Glossy heart shaped leaves make them very attractive.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Zebra Plant

Calathea zebrina plant in garden store

Calathea zebrina

The Calathea zebrina is a plant I can suggest because of its large leaves rather that its height, although it will grow up to a meter tall. Other Calatheas also display large patterned leaves including the C. oranata and C. rosepicta from the Marantaceae plant family.

Zebra Plant

Braided Money Tree

Pachira aquatica braided money tree plant

Pachira aquatica

The braided trunk and attractive whorled leaves of the Pachira aquatica has made this species a popular house plant. Depending on how the plant was initially grown and trained determines the size, and you'll find small bonsai types and much taller plants growing up to 10ft in height.

Braided Money Tree

Dumb Cane

picture of large dumb cane plant

Dieffenbachia amoena

Plants from the Dieffenbachia genus have spectacular patterned large leaves. They can be grown up to 6ft tall or more. These are very sturdy and strong plants that are fairly easy to grow if enough light and humidity is given. The major downside for the dumb canes is they're highly toxic.

Dumb Cane Plant

Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plant on a table within a home

Aspidistra elatior

Named cast iron plant because of its ability to withstand neglect, making it very easy to care for and maintain. They can grow as tall as a meter in height and display long shiny lanceolate leaves. Their popularity and ease of care has made them easy to find and purchase in garden stores and nurseries.

Cast Iron Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plant picture

Monstera deliciosa

A climbing epiphyte species with aerial roots that meets the large house plants criteria is the Swiss cheese plant. These will grow over 10ft tall if grown correctly and trained. In their natural habitat they climb the trunk and branches of trees and within homes we mimic this with moss sticks.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Bird's Nest Fern

Birds nest fern growing outdoors

Asplenium nidus

The Bird's nest fern displays large fronds that grow 2ft in length when given the correct conditions that can enable them to thrive. They're ideal for displaying in conservatories and need enough light and humidity to grow well. Displayed close to other plants can improve the important humidity factor.

Bird's Nest Fern

Rubber Plant

Rubber plant

Ficus elastica

Rubber plants are very popular house plants that can grow over 5 - 10ft tall with the correct conditions, although indoors more than likely about 5 - 6ft. Large glossy ovate leaves grow from the semi woody stems. A number of F. elastica varieties are available that vary in appearance.

Rubber Plant

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