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"House Plant Books and Indoor Gardening"

Beginners Guide to Growing House Plants

Format: Kindle Beginners Guide to Growing House Plants

This is a kindle book I published myself to try and encourage people new or lacking experience of growing indoors to choose house plants based on growing conditions of their homes, and not just buying a plant based on attraction primarily. There are suggestions for plants that are easy to grow for the beginner and information about the basics of caring within the book.

Price: $2.99
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Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

Format: Kindle - Paperback Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

The complete houseplant survival guide provides detailed information about various types of plants and certain species. Barbara has a nice gentle tone to her writing which seems to go well for a house plant growers book. It's one of the most expensive books I have bought, however, I did learn to look at caring requirements for certain species in another way and found it a useful manual.

Price: $4 -$19
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How to Grow Fresh Air

Format: Paperback How to Grow Fresh Air

The author of How To Grow Fresh Air (B.C Wolverton) was a scientist working with the US military and discovered more insight about the filtering effects of air pollutants from plants. While this book is not really for a beginner grower it has excellent information for those with a scientific interest in plants or want detailed information about the best plants that remove toxins. within the home.

Price: $8 -$17
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Indoor Kitchen Gardening

Format: Kindle - Paperback Indoor Kitchen Gardening

The indoor kitchen gardening book is the best I have reviewed in terms of growing what you can eat within your kitchen and home. As soon as I began reading I sensed the authors (Elizabeth Millard) passion for growing and cooking healthily which plugged me in to wanting to read more. Some books will cover herbs while others will cover veg to be grown indoors but this covers both subjects.

Price: $8 -$18
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Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass

Format: Kindle - Paperback Terrariums - Gardens Under Glass Book Cover Picture

Gardens under a glass is another fabulous book, written with passion and undeniably great in providing detail. The author (Maria Colleti) is a designer of terrariums and takes the reader through the process of how to and what to use for creating a terrarium and to choose a plant species that love this humid environment. The book is easy to follow and useful for terrarium growers.

Price: $9 -$18
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What a Plant Knows

Format: Kindle - Hard and Paperback What a Plant Knows Book Cover Picture

What a Plant Knows provides scientific based interesting and extraordinary facts about plants that the average reader can readily understand and follow what’s written. Daniel Chamovitz, the author, writes in an entertaining manner while keeping the content extremely educating. An inspiring book with insight into how much more we do not know or cannot see in nature.

Price: $6 -$16
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