House Plant Identification

Identify My Houseplant

A huge change has been made for house plant identification, and all of it is positive, moving forward and helping you guys to find more support to identify indoor plants. We now have an open FORUM (no longer just a form that comes to me).

Before heading over to the forum you might want to check the A-Z list of house plants to see if you can make and ID there first. If you cannot find the plant on the list or just wish to head for help from the forum, you’re more than welcome to choose the best option for you.

Please Include

To make identification for you and others a little easier please include as much information as possible.....but more importantly include some good photos.

If it's a flowering plant include a picture of the flower/flowers and a picture of a leaf/leaves. A picture of the whole plant and its stem would also be very helpful.

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Disclaimer: We may use pictures sent to us on our website or forum for a specific plant. We will not include any pictures that show peoples faces, property address numbers, or anything else that could identify a person or property in any way. We also wont include an attribution to a persons name unless requested, to protect their privacy. Please notify us if you would not like your pictures displayed on this website or you are welcome to try another source to identify your plant.

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